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At FYME, we want to support you to amplify your future in Australia, whether you wish to study, work, migrate or all of the above. Your life is our focus, so we tailor your career and study plans to your objectives.


Learn more about the support FYME will provide along the way.

Start Consultation

We start with a consultation to get to know you and understand your goals and short and long-term plans

Plan Future

Based on that first conversation, our team of professionals will design a plan for your education, career development and migration consultation.

Check Your Growth

We will be by your side every step of the way, from that first consultation until your final achievement.

Career Development Plan

Get help from a Human Resources professional to get your dream job or start a new career.

  • Map out your transferable skills from your job unrelated to your profession and transform them into desirable and solid skills for a role in your industry
  • Make the right move with a career transition plan

Career Coaching

We work with you to get you ready for a position in your desired industry.

  • Write your professional resume and cover letter that will get you interviews
  • Learn how to build a killer LinkedIn profile
  • Learn about networking opportunities in your industry

Online Skills Assessment Consultation

Want to know if your experience and degree are equivalent to one in Australia? Or maybe you’re already on the migration path and need to apply for a skills assessment for your visa.

Whatever the situation, FYME can help you with your skills assessment in various assessing authorities.

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect, and if you want to leave an interview feeling like you’ve done your absolute best, you can practice with our HR partner.

  • Practice potential questions for your upcoming interview
  • Learn methods to respond to questions confidently and to the point

Career Development

Our career development team will help you navigate the Australian job market like a pro.

End-to-End Education Planning

Choosing a course and a school is only one step of the process. See how else FYME will assist you with your education planning.

School Enrolment

We have your school enrolment process covered! We will help you organise and prepare the right documents and will look after and monitor the enrolment process with your chosen school or university.

Visa Application

You can kiss the visa application stress goodbye with FYME. Our student visa experts will be able to answer all of your questions, get your documents ready correctly and take care of your visa application.


Nervous about your departure? Don’t know what to pack? What can and can’t you bring? It’s ok because we will prepare you for the trip of your lifetime. Our pre-departure support will calm your nerves.


You’ve made it to Aussie, mate! We’re excited you’re here and we can finally meet in person. We’re here for you, from opening a bank account to everyday life hacks. Relax and enjoy the free coffee!  


Education Support

Choosing a course and a school can be overwhelming. Well, not if you’re with FYME. Our expert team knows all the schools, universities and courses in Perth and will make this process easy and smooth for you.

We also offer special support for university scholarship applications. Assess your chances to study at some of Australia’s top universities with a scholarship.

When Should I Speak with a Migration Agent?

You can talk to a migration agent for advice at any point in your journey. Some people like to look at their possibilities right from the get-go, others will do it once they arrive in the country and are about to extend their visas, and others will only think about it further down the track.

At FYME, we want you to get it right from the start to optimise your time and guarantee that you will navigate your journey confidently and kick all your goals.

Our Migration Partner

Pritima Ahluwalia (MARN 1577377) –  Pritima is passionate about the migration and education sectors and finds it extremely satisfying to assist her clients.

Her dedication and thorough research in Australian Migration Law and Visa Systems resulted in awarding her to be a High Distinction holder at Murdoch University, Australia.

Our Migration Partner

Maria Cecilia Giordani (MARN 0961948) – Maria is post-graduated in Migration Law from the Australian National University and registered with OMARA – Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

She has over 15 years of experience, so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of services from a qualified professional at each stage of the Australian immigration process.



If you want to stay in Australia permanently, you need a solid and clear plan to save time and money. So FYME partnered with some of the best migration agents in Perth to design your pathway for your future.

Like all the other services we offer, your migration plan is exclusive to your skills and goals.


What about your future?

Are you looking for an agent that really has your future and success at the centre of what they do? Look no further because you found FYME!